The groups that will perform at the festival have already been chosen

The jury has selected the groups that will participate in the final of the Urdufolk contest this year, La Kabhala Band (Toledo), Alicia Alonso & Guillermo Copello (Ciudad Real and Argentina) and the group The Taverners (Burgos) have been the chosen bands.

To complete the festival will also play the group Ipar Euskal Herritik Bidaia (with Mixel Ducau and singer Caroline Phillips), Xabi Aburruzaga Trio, El Trasno bagpipes band from Asturias, Djs,  Getxa Goi Txistulari band and many more.

New edition of the Urdufolk festival is coming

The festival will take place on august 31 and 1 September 2018 in Foru plaza in Orduña.

The deadline to register for the folk groups competition is open until 15 July. In the contest can enroll all types of formations based on their folk music in any of its variants. The winning band of the contest will receive a prize of 1,000 euros, and the finalists each prize of 500 euros.



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