Contest rules

6th International Competition URDUFOLK

September 1, 2018

Urduña (Bizkaia)


The contest is open to varied backgrounds as soloists, duos, trios and groups that integrate music in styles called (Ethnic Rhythms, World Music, Folk, Fusion, etc …).


In order to take part in the contest, participants must send to the addresses indicated:

-A recording with 3 subjects, which may be a record, model or electronic format (MP3). If the recording contains more than 3 issues the jury valued the first three, unless expressly and clearly otherwise.

-A brief participant information pack, which also contains contact details (email, phone and mailing address).

Applications with the required documents should be sent to: with the subject “2018 Band Contest”. Also on page will be a form to sign.


The deadline for applications is July 15, 2018.


Before august 5, 2018 the jury will hear the case, which consist of a list with the names of 10 participants (where possible), ordered according to the merits estimates. The organizers will contact the first three and invite them to participate in the final competition to be held in Urduña the September 1, 2018. If any group refuses to participate, the organization will contact the next on the list, and so on to complete the selection of the three finalists. Then publish the result of the selection on the website serving this medium to communicate the decision to the other contestants.


The final competition will be a concert to be held in Urduña the September 1, 2018. Finalists must be submitted in sufficient time for sound checks, as directed by the organization. The intervention of the finalists in this concert will conform to the specifications of the jury.


After the concert the Jury will issue its decision, which is final.

The awards consist of:

– First place: 1,000 €

– Second place: € 500

– Third place: € 500

The 3 mandatory training will yield two topics selected for a compilation album and promotional contest. All groups will have accommodation and meals provided under the coordination of the organization of the competition.


The jury, as yet unconfirmed, is formed by different names of Basque culture and organizers of various folk festivals and music journalists.


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